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  About the cPRA Assistant

The cPRA Assistant is a tool to assist with the use of the Canadian cPRA Calculator, which was built by Canadian Blood Services for the Canadian Transplant Registry. It is available, at this time, as a tool for the use of Canadian HLA laboratories, for their internal purposes.

Copy and paste your results into one or both of the text fields, then click on Process. Once the results are processed, you will be presented with a hyperlink, which will take you to the selected cPRA Calculator.

You may paste your results in many formats, for example, the following are all acceptable:
A1 2 a11/a34, b35; a1 b7 56
(the example above will result in: A1 A2 A11 A34 B7 B35 B56; duplicates are ignored)

  General Information

This application makes use of the Canadian cPRA Calculator located at:

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Default decimal precison: 2